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I’d like to talk about my goals for going vegan/vegetarian and my timeframe. I was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis at the age of 6 months and since then have been prescribed every possible topical and internal medication to relieve the itchy, dry skin I was seemingly cursed with. In all of my research on every type of disease or illness I’ve found that the number one recommendation of eliminating the symptoms (not just masking them) was to eat a well balanced diet consisting of mostly fruits, veggies and whole foods which lead me to discover the benefits of going raw (especially in smoothie form). I’m also hoping to transition to vegan and do a pregnancy cleanse as my hubby and I are hoping to get pregnant within the next 12 months.

Currently, I consume a diet that while not completely lacking in nutritional value is more lacking in my frequency of eating. I love fruits and veggies but in my line of work I’m always driving and therefore ALWAYS tempted by the bright red and yellow signs of -i don’t know- EVERY fast foot joint…everywhere. My biggest temptation comes in the AM when I’m pressed for time and just wanna grab something really quickly. My brain tells me that I should get 2 piece of fruit and a yogurt for breakfast…but my stomach craaaves a sausage mcmuffin from mcdonalds. When i give in I feel so guilty afterwards and then a couple of hours later…i really feel guilty when my stomach is cramping and i feel sluggish and ready for nap time.

I know im not ready to go 100% right now but I’m just working on making better choices when it comes to my on the go workstyle. Going to the grocery store for fruits and veggies for breakfast and lunch seems like the best solution. One day last week, I went to Safeway for just this purpose and bought a banana for 25 cents (40 cents at 7-11), a yogurt and an avocado. I was so proud of myself but realize its going to take way more than one day to get the results that I am looking for. I’m going to try to consume most of my food in smoothie form and see if that makes it a little easier.

I’m hoping to transition to 100% vegan by the 2nd week of March and until then will work on figuring out what does and doesn’t work for my body.


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Hello world!! Its LilacStarr here fo the first time. The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts and ideas while transitioning to veganism and preparing my body, my boyfriend and my home for the best pregnancy possible. For a while I’ve been toying with the idea of going vegan or raw vegan and even went vegetarian for a while in college. Generally, I dont eat much meat anyways but I know that my love for yummy chicken will make my transition very difficult.

As a black female the first natural transition i made in my life was to discontinue the use of the creamy crack bka..relaxers or perms. I’ve been all natural since August 2007 and have really notice the difference in my skin and hair once i stopped the relaxer and stopped using harsh shampoos (with lauryl/laureth sulfates as the surfactant), conditioners and lotions (with irritating mineral oil and petroleum).

Pics and more tomorrow.

Peace, Love and Sunshine!!!

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