Today: 6.7.10

June 7, 2010 aliceinmaryland

Food Plan:

Breakfast: Green Smoothie (w/ spinach, banana, strawberries, brocco sprouts, carrots)

Lunch: Giant spinach salad with carrots, brocco sprouts, steamed shrimp

Snack: Orange, Avocado

Dinner: Giant iceberg salad with carrots, avocado, brocco sprouts, cheese

State of My Skin:

My skin is feeling better today. Still very itchy but not dry. The palms of my hands have been really itchy the last couple of days. My morning moisturizer as held strong since my shower. (cleansed with cetaphil antibacterial soap and applied triamcinoloe and cetaphil after shower)

Also used some Aveeno Gel Cream on my hair.


I visited M.O.M yesterday to look at their gluten free wares. They have alot of options and I def. want to try their gluten free bread. I cant tell if the kind in the freezer is better or not but the sales associate said ppl usually prefer the freezer kinds (ezekial bread).

I’m really hoping that the gluten-free diet helps. I know that consistensy is key but it so hard when mcdeath is staring me in the face saying jsut spend $1. but i will stay strong and I would beat my self up if i slip up. as long as I eat mostly vegan and gluten free I will be happy.


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