Gluten Free

June 7, 2010 aliceinmaryland

So after many weeks of suffering through my worst flare up of atopic dermatitis and being sent home from work for the week I got fed up and called in a desperately to have my steroid ointment refilled. Afterwards, I book an appointment with a new dermatologist in Bowie .

The State of My Skin:  painful, itchy, dry, flaky. my feet and ankles were swollen and the skin was thick and cracked and I could barely walk. My skin was also very hot and If i scratched it would weep a stinky yellowish puss which stuck to any thing it contacted. I was so embarrassed of my skin that i was wearing long sleeves and pants in 80- 90 degree weather. It was tough enough for me to even wear flip flops with out freaking out.

So anyhoo, the dermatologist was great. She answered my questions, she asked me questions, she didnt just write me some sripts and usher me out. I loved her. She suggested I try a gluten free diet in addition to my attempt at a high raw/ vegan diet. She also suggest i mix vaseline with water as a moisturizer. not sure how i felt about that one but we’ll see. i’m pretty satisfied with the triamcinolone ointment and cetaphil moisturizing cream for now. I will continue to use them while I adjust my diet and hopefully I can eventually stop scratching so much and only have to use the cetaphil.

So now I’m gluten free. Something clicked when she suggested that since some of my faaaaavorite foods are breads, biscuits, rolls, donuts, etc.  Many articles I’ve read on food allergies suggest that often times the foods that are our “favorites” are usually the one wreaking the most havoc on our bodies and immune systems.  So more gluten free foods and no more processed foods. join me!


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