Me Gusta Aguacate!!!

February 23, 2010 aliceinmaryland

Today was a good and bad day. But first I’ll talk about yesterday. Yesterday, I ate really well sticking to my plan of mostly raw foods. I had a Bolthouse Farms Blue Goodness smoothie for bfast. Lunch was a handful of spinach with a whole avocado, a pear, and orange for a snack. Dinner was an avocado and some spinach that I munched on…

Unfortunately, I was super hungry when i woke up this AM and first thing on my minds was that oh-so-tempting Sausage McMuffin. yummm/yuuuuck. lol. Of course i have no will power and I gave in. It was so good for like 5 minutes and then i hated myself. So I went to Giant and got another Boltohouse Smoothie, Chiobani yogurt,and then went to Best Way* (international market near my job) and got 2 avos, a tomato, some peaches, pears and tangerines. this should keep me satisfied through lunch and dinner.

Lunch – spinach/avocado salad, tangerine, Hispanic brand mandarin soda (naturally sweetened)

Snack – Half a pear, tangerine, 6 oz of smoothie

One thing I am a little weird about is feeling like im eating all the time. But I guess since fruits and veggies are my main sustenance that’s ok.

Question: Is shopping at the international market for produce equivalent to organic produce???

*The reason I went here is because their produce prices are consistently lower than the (sale and regular) prices at Giant, SuperFresh and M.O.M


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